Successful Outreach

Today, Pastor Allen, Bother Tonio Linley, Brother Charles Cook , I (Sister AJ), and most of the  River Church youth group went with a few invitation cards on outreach in the Cartersville area.

We were distributing cards and inviting people to church. Charles Cook pointed us to  a place where people were in real need of help. He lead us over there after a stop at McDonald’s where we bought dollar hamburgers. We distributed these hamburgers to the apartments and met truly kind people.
Our youth group was touched to tears by the need of these people. They didn’t want to stop. After we found out, some of the people we met didn’t own shoes, we decided to stop at Goodwill and bought them a few pairs.

If you have extra shoes, socks, and clothes, please donate to our church. We will give them directly to people in need.
In the near future, we will do a block party at the same apartment complex. We will need help to grill hot-dogs and serve. If you are willing to help, please contact the church.

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